I ported a programme in 2D in MSDOS to DirectX 3 (a long time ago;) now I want to port it to OpenGL. Surfaces in DirectDraw allowed quick work of it (when there was a DirectDraw,) but now I want to draw on multiple hardware configurations. The programme consists of 16x16 rotated sprites. The sprites are hard-coded in the programme itself. What is drawn on the screen is a combination of the sprites with some lighting model where each pixel is calculated independently for each frame.

Does OpenGL have a bitmap object that I could constantly update? Should I use a Pixel Buffer Object (how would I do that?) or a Frame Buffer Object to perform render-to-texture? and how would I store something so small (I thought 64x64 was the smallest it can handle?) Can I get a "surface," or simulate a surface to which to render? and how to do it quickly?