Does anyone have an idea on what im missing here?

Im rastering to the window center point to make sure to stay within my clipping range so my image doesn't disappear when zooming/panning , etc.

All that works. Image never disappears.

The problem i am having has something to do with the WindowOrg point. When i pan or zoom, the image slowly is offset from my screen points. Note: Im plotting points manually ontop of the image. When I pan around the points are slowly offset more and more drastically the further i pan around. Im assuming its a conversion issue? Everything else in the program works fine.

Also, if i Raster to my 0,0 point everything works just fine in terms of zooming and panning until that 0,0 point is outside the clip range then of course the image disappears.

Code :
    GLfloat x = (-m_image->width / 2) - (m_pWindowOrg.x);
    GLfloat y = (m_image->height / 2) - (m_pWindowOrg.y);
    glBitmap(NULL,NULL,m_image->width,m_image->height,m_fZoomScale * x,m_fZoomScale * y,NULL);
    //Inver the image (the data coming from OpenCV is inverted)
    glPixelZoom(m_fZoomScale * 1.0f,m_fZoomScale * -1.0f);
    glDrawPixels(m_image->width, m_image->height, GL_RGB, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE,m_image->imageData);