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Thread: Mapping texture on sphere with shader programs.

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    Mapping texture on sphere with shader programs.

    Hello folks,

    Also, I am studying about virtual globe for programming because I am trying to write my own orbital flight simulator. I have a book called "3D Engine Design for Virtual Globe" but code are written in C# language. I want to learn how to write C++ program and shader program to generate rotating planet sphere/ellipsoid with planet map texture wrapping.

    I googled for that and found some information but how about tutorial guides?


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    There are 2 ways to do it.
    1. Using a 2D texture
    2. Using a cubemap

    Neither method require shaders but using shaders is always a good idea.

    This isn't a tutorial but it explains both methods + short code
    an open source GLU replacement library. Much more modern than GLU.
    float matrix[16], inverse_matrix[16];
    glhTranslatef2(matrix, 0.0, 0.0, 5.0);
    glhRotateAboutXf2(matrix, angleInRadians);
    glhScalef2(matrix, 1.0, 1.0, -1.0);
    glhQuickInvertMatrixf2(matrix, inverse_matrix);
    glUniformMatrix4fv(uniformLocation1, 1, FALSE, matrix);
    glUniformMatrix4fv(uniformLocation2, 1, FALSE, inverse_matrix);

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