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Thread: Rendering an overhead display

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    Rendering an overhead display

    I'm trying to render a png image for my foreground. I have made a quad and added my png as a texture on my quad. The quad is 3.2 X 4.8 (iPhone dimensions is 320 X 480px). I don't think the correct way to display my quad full screen is to scale and translate it... i'm wondering what the correct way to do this is.

    Also, I'm wondering how to keep the quad full screen independently of the camera (view) position? Basically to treat my foreground as an overhead display independent of the model and view...


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    You need to save your projection matrix then do an orthogal projection (see gluOrtho2D) and render you quad that restore your normal projection matrix (ie camera). You will probably want to enable alpha blending as well. THis is not enabled by default.

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