Hi guys,

I've been searching for some sort of solution to a problem I have been having.

All OpenGL games will crash after a very precise amount of time when recording with DxTory or Fraps (probably any recording software). The games run fine when NOT recording. The length of recording that can take place before the game stops responding also depends on the resolutions. Also note that I can record DirectX games perfectly fine for hours and hours

For example, the game will stop responding after about 8mins at 1920x1080, and will record for around 18mins at 1280x720p.

I have 3 OpenGL games currently and they are: Doom 3, Amnesia & Minecraft. They all do the exact same thing after the exact same amount of time depending on resolution. Although because minecraft is graphically much less demanding, the process of the crash is much slower, so you can physically see the FPS slowly dropping until it reaches about 9 fps, then it will freeze. During this time the fan speeds increase.

There isn't much I haven't tried to solve this myself. I have tried all sorts of screen resolutions, windowed mode, running the game on a single GPU, different drivers, reformatting, reinstalling, setting CPU priorities and affinities so they don't use the same cores, running in xp compatibility mode.... there isn't much I haven't tried...

It is getting ridiculous to say the least.

I would love to find out what is causing the memory leak. If there is a good way to pin point the problem please let me know and I will do my best to find it!

Kind regards,