I am drawing an array of lines.

I have some lines that need to be stippled and the rest just regular lines.

Im doing something like this (i just hand coded this obviously)



//draw lines



glenable stipple

//draw stipple lines

gldisable stipple



If i comment out the enable stipple part then the program runs just fine just without my stippled lines....

If i leave the enable stipple in there, then it draws everything just fine but crashes....

Im using VC++ 6.0 over a remote desktop connection. Im assuming its crashing my laptop video card and not able to do much debugging. i won't have access to the main PC till after the new year. I can't seem to get any debug info. At the office it was giving me some kind of nVidia errors... I can't remember what the error was because i was working on other parts of the software at the time.