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Thread: GLUT app not running in GPU

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    GLUT app not running in GPU

    ive developed a quite medium large application that uses GLUT for window managing, mouse and keyboard input, etc.

    Im counting the fps and after noticing they were very low i checked the glGetString(GL_RENDERER) and glGetString(GL_VENDOR) and realized the app isnt running on my Nvidia GPU but rather on the integrated one.

    Ive dowloaded other code that manages the opengl windowing directly through wgl and when running the app the gpu notifier says the gpu is running it so it has to be a problem on how GLUT manages windowing in windows.

    Why is this problem with GLUT? (ive got a dual graphics card Intel HD integrated and Nvidia GT555m)

    I try to run the app selecting Nvidia processor unit but it's useless with this app (it works on games and other programs).

    How can i manage to run the app in the Nvidia GPU rather than in the integrated set by default?

    Actually im not sure its running in the integrated Intel HD graphics card cause i get for GL_RENDERER="GDI generic" and GL_VENDOR="Microsoft corporation" so it's maybe software emulating....
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    You're neither running on the Intel nor on the NVIDIA GPU. If the vendor is Microsoft, something's terribly wrong with your drivers.

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