I am using render to texture concept with glFramebufferTexture1D. I am drawing a cube on non-default FBO with all the vertices as -1,1 (maximum) in X Y Z direction. Now i am setting viewport to X while rendering on non default FBO. My background is red with white color of cube.

For default FBO, i have created 1-D texture and attached this texture to above FBO with color attachment. I am setting width of texture equal to width*height of above FBO view-port. Now, when i render this texture to on another cube, i can see continuous white color on start or end of each face of the cube. That means part of the face is white and rest is red. I am not sure whether this behavior is correct or not. I expect all the texels should be white as i am using -1 and 1 coordinates for cube rendered on non-default FBO.

what is expected behavior in this case ?