I'm looking for a good way to include GLSL code in our C/C++ application. In the examples I've seen, the code is included in separate .glsl files. It would be inappropriate to include glsl files with our application. I've seen other examples where the code is encoded directly in C strings like this:

Code :
const char *pVertexProgram110 =
  "varying vec2 vTexCoord;\n"
  " \n"
  "void main() {\n"
  "  vTexCoord   = gl_MultiTexCoord0.st; \n"
  "  gl_Position = gl_ModelViewProjectionMatrix * gl_Vertex;\n"

This doesn't seem very elegant. I was hoping to have each GLSL program in its own file. Does anyone know of a good way to include GLSL code in a C/C++ application without releasing the .glsl files to the end user?