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Thread: Strange render results when changing from GeForce 9800 GT to new GT630 adapter

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    Strange render results when changing from GeForce 9800 GT to new GT630 adapter

    Hi all,

    I have a strange problem with my new NVidia display adapter.
    I make my own Windows OpenGL application, nothing fancy, just simple plain OpenGL with some optional shaders.
    Suddenly my old adapter (NVidia GeForce 9800 GT) broke down, so I bought a new one, a NVidia GT630.
    After installing the adapter and updating the NVidia driver my application showed an image i did not expect (see the picture).

    De image shows objects that looks like rendered with all lines between the vertices as being transparent.
    The globe, a sphere, was build by my application with QUADS, i think the driver or the renderer makes TRIANGLES from then, fine with me. Culling is off, glPolygonMode() is GL_FILL for both sides.
    The same application (with the same scene) works fine (but not as fast) on my laptop with a (simple) Intel adapter.

    Has anyone any suggestion to solve this problem ??
    Is it a bug in my application that was not revealed by the 9800GT (i things not, i use simple plain OpenGL)?
    Or is it something in the NVidia driver?

    Thanks for responding, Joris Mulder

    ( My application can be downloaded from my web-site )

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    Looks like a change in some default setting - that seems to be drawing a wireframe on top of your objects.

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    You are seeing polygon gaps, which this is happening is a mystery.

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