I have two-threading programm, where one thread for drawing, second for calculation on shaders. Both threads has own context, second was created like that:
Code :
	GLint attributes[] = { 	GLX_RGBA,
				None };
	XVisualInfo *xVisualInfo = glXChooseVisual(_xDisplay, 0, attributes);
	GLXContext newContext = glXCreateContext(_xDisplay, xVisualInfo, _glxContext, GL_TRUE);
	if ( newContext == NULL ) {
		throw runtime_error ( _ExceptionString "Can not create new context.");
	glXMakeCurrent(_xDisplay, _xWindow, newContext );
The problem is thet glXSwapBuffers is sync, so its wait for shaders in second thread to be done. How make It async or what have I to put in attributes array?