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Thread: Textured Cube - a newbie question

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    Textured Cube - a newbie question

    Hi there,

    The question is very simple: I want to draw a cube with 6 different textures on 6 surfaces of the cube, what is the "proper" way to design the fragment shader?

    My initial thought is that: using a flag in the fragment shader, for example,

    uniform int surface;

    main () {

    if (surface == 0) // front surface, for example
    vec4 texColor0 = texture(frontTexture, TexCoord);
    if (surfac == 1) // back surface

    and when draw the cube, the 6 surfaces will be drawn separately with proper value of "surface" passed to fragment shader.

    However, I do not like this idea, and wondering any other proper ways to do this??

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