Hi everyone, i'm posting here hoping to solve a problem.

I'm trying, using an example from the redbook, to create
the nurbs of a cylinder.
I have all the parameters (knots, cntrlpoints, weights)
but i'm not sure how to pass them in the code.
I've a couple of doubts regarding the definitions given in the redbook:

void gluNurbsSurface (GLUnurbsObj *nobj, GLint uknot_count,
GLfloat *uknot, GLint vknot_count, GLfloat *vknot,
GLint u_stride, GLint v_stride, GLfloat *ctlarray,
GLint uorder, GLint vorder, GLenum type);

- what are u_stride and v_stride? The book wasn't really clear.

- are uorder and vorder the degrees of the curves?

- do i have to use GL_MAP2_VERTEX_4 because i have {x,y,z,w} in my control points?