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Thread: Nurbs Curve using OPENGL and Fortran 95

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    Smile Nurbs Curve using OPENGL and Fortran 95


    I am a beginner in Opengl programming and trying to dirty my hands in Opengl Programming with fortran 90/95. I am stuck with nurbs display program. I just want to display nurbs statically, not interactve for time being. Are their any example in fortran 90/95 available. Even a C basic Nurbs Curve program may be helpful to understand the process.

    Also, for very beginner can you recommend some basic Opengl book. I am planning for Hearn's book on Opengl. Any suggestion will be helpful

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    You might like to read this on NURBs

    I like
    OpenGL 4.0 Shading Lanaguage Cookbook - an ebook by David Wolff.

    Generally I find web sites are more up to date verse books

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