Are there any books out there which seriously explain how an OGL driver works? (Even DX is ok)
This is a firstly a WHY(design) and secondly a HOW question.

I mean a read that explains in depth stuff like:
- interpipeline stage caches and how are they designed (ex: geometry shader cache vs tess cache... first thing to cross my mind really)
- rasterizer patterns and their motivation (i know how i can observe them with atomics, interested in design)
- flushing buffers
- object lists
- memory layouts ("texturing" caches for example)
- opengl cpu side - gpu side... syncrhonization, multithreading(dx only for now), priorities.
- specialized hardware (rasterizer unit(s), tess units, etc)
- hardware architecture and the differences ( for example why does only nvidia have extensions that enable the paging system in this: )
- how to such topics interact with each other
- many other

I have read stuff like this(and other): and even if it is an awesome read and even if I have a very decent ideea of how all the things mentioned in this post work I want much more detail like a good book to put it all into context not just bits of information.