Hey guys I am kinda new so i do apologize if I have put this thread post in the wrong area.

So here is whats going on cause I really am dumb lol, but basically I came up with a game concept, I thought it was a really good idea and wanted to put what my imagination had created in a dream I had (Well more of a nightmare but still), so I am aspiring to make a 3D game based of the Nightmare. Now the main issue I am having is (being on a really tight and low budget).

so any idea on where I should start, I got loads of books and old magazines I picked up from my college years that i have recently got out to read up on and I recently ordered an openGL book off of amazon, but the main issue I am actually having is what am I using to make the game, there is just so many programs I just get confused, and there are so many different things to take in.

Oh yeah and the computer I am running on is crap
Windows 7 32-bit
Intel 4 mobile family chipset (The crappiest of crap)
Ram is pretty feeble aswell

any suggestions maybe???