Hey guys..

I've been a DirectX graphics programmer (my job) for the last 8 years.. Only did some OpenGL a long long time ago (before VBOs and stuff like this), and I'm trying to get back at it now..

But I've got one problem : I don't get it !
I'm desperately looking for the Open GL SDK.. can't find it...

Then, I see on some forums (cause I've googled before asking here) that you're not supposed to download the SDK.. that you must use the one that comes with your compiler.
I'm still using Visual 2008.. Am I supposed to use a 4 y.o. SDK !?! What about OpenGL 4.x ? All the new features ? How can I determine my SDK version ?

Some people advice to get the SDK from you graphics card vendor.. will the executables will then be compatible with other brands ?

How do the "extensions" work.. Again, I'm not sure to understand that part either... I've seen a few 'extension SDKs like GLew or Glee' ..
isn't there some official one ? Aren't extensions part of the GL SDK ?

Sorry, I realise those really are noob questions... But it's silly.. I couldn't find any clear explanation anywhere.. like you're just "supposed to know" all this. And pretty much every tutorial I've seen just don't mention that..

Thanks in advance !