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Thread: Urgent help needed!!

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    Urgent help needed!!

    How to find Frustum parameters??

    I am doing Camera Calibration, and have lot's of local cameras, and I need to render frustum, and it's viewing angle for each. I know that i can do that with intrinsic and extrinsic parameters. BUT HOW??

    If my understanding is right, i need to find : nearD, farD, ratio, angle. But again, how??

    p.s. I have intrinsic and extrinsic parameters, for each local camera.

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    FOV = 2 * atan( SenzorSize / (2 * MinimalFocalLength * CurrentZoom))

    Aspect depends on the with and height of the window where the picture is displayed.

    Near/far clipping planes are irrelevant in your question. They just clip the viewing frustum at some distances. Just keep far/near to about 10e4 - 10e5 in order to have decent depth resolution (if depth buffer is 24-bit; otherwise make it even smaller).

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    6.716550e+001 3.265328e+000 -6.422589e+000;
    0.000000e+000 -7.718194e+001 -3.809459e+001;
    0.000000e+000 0.000000e+000 -1.066025e-001

    This is my matrix of intrinsic parameters of the camera. And I have no parameter you mentioned(focal length,Sensor size...).
    And the chalange is how to estimate them.

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