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Thread: glortho

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    I have implemented a little engine for drawing in opengl(2d) inside a qt interface .
    Now i must implement something like at the acrobat reader's interface :
    A document area with zoom and scroll.
    I don't need perspective, but whats I use for the scrolling and the zoom?
    I must do all with glortho?
    I use shaders and the vbos , how i can get a matrix from glortho for send it to the shader param where is multiplied for each point?
    Is like the projection transformation and the 4x4 matrix MVP(model view projection)?

    and how i can translate the coordinates of qt opengl widget to the opengl viewport?

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    glOrtho create a matrix as described in the documentation

    so.. it's really easy to create a function that do the same exact matrix as glOrtho so you don't need to retrieve (that it's a slow operation that cause a flush of the command buffer).

    You can to all the pan and zoom by moving the glOrtho parameters.

    with = windowWidth * zoomFactor
    height = windowHeight * zoomFactor

    left = panX
    top = panY
    right = left + width
    bottom = top + height
    glOrtho(left, right, bottom, top, 0.0, 1.0);

    The matrix produced by glOrtho can be used as a projection matrix. In this case you don't have a "view" matrix cause the projection transformation also move the the "camera".

    If you are using a QGLWidget you don't have to translate any coordinates. Just assign the size to the viewport as showed in this tutorial
    By the way, why don't you use QGLView and QGLCamera?
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    very thanks.
    Now that i know that exist a qt camera i use it.
    But i would explain that i must do : i wish do a like acrobat reader application.
    I have an a4(sheet) that is a 2d texture(just a photo or a scansion)and some text on it, but if i resizes the glwidget changes the proportions that i wish maintain.
    Is possible add two scrollbars and overflow the entire sheet after the zoom?
    or select only a part of the sheet with a box zoom.

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