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Thread: find the location of texture uniform

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    Question find the location of texture uniform

    Hi ,here is my glsl code
    Code :
    #version 400
    in vec4 ex_Color;
    in vec4 ex_Pos;
    out vec4 FragColor;
    uniform sampler2D RayStartPoint;
    uniform sampler2D RayStopPoint;
    void main()
      vec4 temp = ex_Color;
      vec2 texc = ((ex_Pos.xy / ex_Pos.w) + 1.0f )/2.0f ;  
      vec4 startPosition  = texture(RayStartPoint, texc) ;
      vec4 stopPosition  = texture2D(RayStopPoint, texc);
       temp.w = 1 ;   
     // FragColor = startPosition ;
    	FragColor = stopPosition ;
     // FragColor = temp ;
     //  FragColor = stopPosition -  startPosition ;
    my program could find the first uniform location,but can't find the second. the function "glGetUniformLocation" just return -1
    anyone had encountered similar problem?

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    You are not using the uniform in the code so it is optimised away. You always have to be able to cope with -1 return. It is usually any error - unless you are testing when it is really a pain!

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