Hi All,

I am writing a GLSL program for texture mapping. I am having a weird problem. From my vertex shader I am trying to pass the texture coordinate vec2 as a varying to frag shader. In a diff shader in the same prog I did the same and it worked. But for this texture its not working. If I comment that line, then everything works. I have no clue why this is happening. Any help would be greately appreciated.


This is the vertex shader:
Code :
attribute vec4 position; 
attribute vec4 color1; 
attribute vec4 normal; 
attribute vec2 texCoord;
uniform mat4 model; //passed to shader 
uniform mat4 projection; //passed to shader
uniform mat4 view; // passed to shader
uniform mat4 normalMatrix; //passed to shader
uniform mat4 worldNormalMatrix;
uniform vec3 eyePos;
varying vec4 pcolor; 
varying vec3 fNormal;
varying vec3 v;
varying mat4 modelMat;
varying mat4 viewMat;
varying mat4 projectionMat;
varying vec2 texCoordinate;
varying vec3 reflector;
void main()
      //texCoordinate = texCoord;  // If I uncomment this, then I get wrong output. but the same thing works in a diff shader!! 
      mat4 projectionModelView;
      vec4 N;
      vec3 WorldCameraPosition = vec3(model*vec4(eyePos,1.0));
      vec3 worldPos = vec3(model*position);
	  vec3 worldNorm = normalize(vec3(worldNormalMatrix*normal));
	  vec3 worldView = normalize(vec3(WorldCameraPosition-worldPos));
	  reflector = reflect(-worldView, worldNorm);      
      projectionMat = projection;
      fNormal = vec3(N); //need to multiply this with normal matrix
	  v=vec3(view*model*position); // v is the position at eye space for each vertex passed to frag shader
      gl_Position =  projectionModelView * position; // calculate clip space position