Hi Everyone,

I am working on a research project where we need to ship our prototype (a small game with use of OpenGL) to our participants. No need to say that this application has to be robust and work with many different configuration of GPUs. Due to requirements of having a better control over messages from the OS to the app we decided to abandon GLUT, i.e., using win32 development. Moreover, in the case, described below, glut didn't worked either.

However, yesterday I encountered with a kind of weird specs of a laptop, which I believe will become a norm pretty soon. It is a Core i7+Nvidia chip. This effectively gives windows 2 gpus: Intel HD 3000 and Nvidia 5XX.

I found that to control which GPU is used we need to use affinity (for Nvidia) and association (for AMD/ATI). However, when you create a GL context in windows it creates it on Intel chip, thus, extension functions for GPU affinity (since the case for NVidia) are not available. Tried to load functions both manually and by using glew.

Does anyone know how to select the NVidia GPU in this case?

Does anyone has similar settings but with ATI/AMD chip, if so, do you have the same problem?

Thanks for any help in Advance!!!