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Thread: MAX_VIEWPORT_DIMS problem

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    I have app for image editing. Everything related to image or it's editing is done via OpenGL. I implemented zooming method. To achieve zooming effect I'm using glTranslatef. I draw everything 5 times bigger than it is, to achieve zoom-in effect. But now I met problem. When drawing everything 5 times bigger, automatically viewport is 5 times bigger than original image. And on older macs sometimes MAX_VIEWPORT_DIMS is too small to redraw image. For example if I use this app on mac with NVIDIA GeForce 7300 graphics card, witch's MAX_VIEWPORT_DIMS is 4096, when user opens for example 825x825 image, it can't be redrawn correctly, because 5*825 = 4125, and it is bigger than MAX_VIEWPORT_DIMS. Maby anyone could point me to some way-arround, to avoid this type of problem.

    By the way, viewport is set to be 5 times bigger, only when rendering to frame buffers. When drawing mainframebuffer to screen it is set to be equal to visible rectangle.
    P.S. for zooming i'm using glTranslatef, because I need perspective projection.
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