Here are the structure definitions
basically it is one Array with vertex definitions -> koordiantes, normales, colors
and any number of Indexarrays to work with this vertics

Code :
 typedef struct 
    RGBA_Struct    col;         
    Vertex_Struct  vx;          
    Vertex_Struct  v_norm;       
  } VBO_Data_Struct;
  typedef struct 
    GLuint   id;      
    int32_t  draw_id;  
    GLuint*  i_ptr;    
    GLuint   numb;     
    GLuint   size;     
  } VBO_Index_Buffer_Struct;
  typedef struct 
    GLuint                     id;                        
    VBO_Data_Struct*           vb;                         
    GLuint                     vb_numb;                    
    GLuint                     vb_size;                    
    GLuint                     idb_numb;                      
    VBO_Index_Buffer_Struct**  idb_ptr;                    
    GLuint                     stride;                     
    GLvoid*                    col_offset;                 
    GLvoid*                    vertex_offset;            
    GLvoid*                    normal_offset;           
  } VBO_Struct;