Suppose this is the Display function for a very simple OpenGL, GLUT, program.
How many matrices would this put on the matrix stack?
I used to think it would be 4. However, now I'm leaning towards 1,
which would be the product of the (Identity matrix) x (the Translation Matrix) x
(the Rotation matrix) x (the Scale Matrix).

Code :
[FONT=Courier New]void Display (void)
    glMatrixModel  (GL_MODELVIEW);
    glLoadIdentity ();
    glTranslatef   (5,3,1);
    glRotatef      (30, 1,0,0);
    glScalef       (2.1, 1.0, 2.1);
    glBegin (GL_POINTS);
       glVertex2d (5,2);
    glEnd ();