Hello, I'm rather vexed by all these different versions of OpenGL and the lack of information regarding writing good code that will give me decent backward compatibility. You see I'm planning on writing an application that will require atleast OpenGL 1.5 to function properly. However, I want it to utilize, if available, functionality from some newer version as well, mainly because I want the experience and an application able to run on older hardware.

I read something about the older versions containing fixed functionality, something that was deprecated and removed in the newer versions, and some certain "state-based" versions that are unlike the newer ones. How do I make sure I'm not using something that is deprecated in the current version I'm working with? Do I simply tailor the thing I need to achieve by checking what tools are available dynamically?

Regarding context creation, what "version of OpenGL" is a context made using the simple calls to ChoosePixelFormat(), SetPixelFormat(), wglMakeContext() and wglMakeCurrent()?

What is the most sensible way to do this? Does anyone know of articles regarding this? Is the only way to read , page-by-page, each specification?

I know I am probably answering myself but I'm still unable to do anything because I lack information.