Hey guys, I've literally just come across OpenGL as we have been told that wer are using OpenGL 3.3 to do 3D Graphics Programming for this year of our degree course. I spoke to my lecturer about running OpenGL 3.3 on my macbook which currently uses Windows 7 on VMware.

However I have not installed anything as I don't really know what to install, where to look etc! But when I try and run this test program he gave us it just opens and then closes straight away. There are no graphics shown or anything. I was also given two files which I presume as the source as they are GLSL files!

My question mainly is how do I set it up to work on my Macbook? It isn't the brand new Macbook Pro, but the one from last year! So it's still pretty new! Is there a way to do this using a virtual machine or do I have to dual boot? Also what do I need to download

p.s Sorry if this is the wrong forum area! Literally just signed up Thanks in advance!