I'm interested in gauging the general interest in a specialized OpenGL function loader. What I mean is this.

Everyone has their own parts of OpenGL that they use. Everything else is superfluous.

Yet common loaders like GLEW and even my own GL Load will dump everything at you. If you're using core OpenGL 3.x+, there aren't a whole lot of extensions that interest you. Some of the non-hardware 4.x extensions are useful of course. But you don't need stuff like GL_EXT_shadow_funcs cluttering up your headers. If you're not using EXT_direct_state_access, do you really need it's 1001 functions clogging up your header?

And while one could create a core GL-only set of headers and loaders, there are extensions that people use that aren't core. Everyone has their own set.

Rather than trying to write a one-size-fits-all solution, what about a simple script, where you provide a basic version (with compatibility/core selection of course) and a list of extensions, and it creates a header and a .c or .cpp file for you to add to your project? The header imports everything you asked for. Something similar can be provided for WGL/GLX extensions.

Is that something that people might want? I've got most of the code-generation system working from my work with GL Load, which already knows how to break out functions by version and so forth. From there, it's simply a matter of modifying the front-end of the code generation system.