Hi guys

Ok since I normally use DirectX and GDI+ it would be a bit odd for me to come here....but Im hoping someone here can help me out. I have an application (MS Flightsim X) where im trying to copy the bits from a ID3D9 surface to a image that is mapped to a 3D surface. The only link i have to this image is via its hDC. Original intended use was for drawing with GDI+ on that image. GDI+ is becoming too slow for my purposes....I tried BitBlt() and it turned things into a slideshow from 30 fps down to 0.1 fps for just a 512x400 image and it fried my graphics card.

So...is there anything OpenGL provides or a way someone else here knows of that i can Blit between 2 hDCs without turning things into a slideshow?