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Why are my posts being trolled?
Your posts are not trolled. We just want to tell you what is the weakness of your proposal.

Well, before proceed I need answers on two questions:
How long have you been programing using OpenGL? What version are you using?

There are more "serious" problems novices have to face with than mesh loading.

1. You cannot access OpenGL core functionality without acquiring function pointers. It can be done bu using additional library, like GLEW, or by manual programming (which I prefer).

2. You don't have elementary 3D math in OpenGL, (like dot or vector product, projection, matrix multiplication, quaternions, etc). An additional library should be used (like glm), or do it yourself (which I prefer).

3. You cannot even upload image from the file into the texture. That's where DevIL suites fine.

4. There is no camera objects. That's the part of the scene graph, not of the graphics API.

5. There is no mouse or keyboard, or any input device manipulation. You have mention it, but it is not the par of the graphics API either.

6. There is no lights (you have mentioned it also) in modern OpenGL. You have to implement lighting in your shaders now by yourself.

And you ask for mesh loading function in the core of OpenGL, where even matrices and 3D math operations are discarded.