I spend some time on other sites helping people with OpenGL problems. And one thing I see almost daily is linking to the OpenGL man pages on this site. However, they almost never link to the up-to-date 4.3 documentation. In almost all cases, they're links to the 2.1 docs.

That would be fine if the 2.1 docs were accurate even for 2.1. But they're not. And given the resolution to this bug, they won't be fixed anytime soon.

Look, I understand that the website and documentation maintainers' time is limited. So I get why they're not fixing bugs in the 2.1 docs. What I don't get is why the highly inaccurate documentation is still available!

This is OpenGL.org; the name is literally what we are. Inaccurate documentation should be the absolute last thing we accept here. And yet, here it is.

I urge the website maintainers to resolve this issue, either by resolving to make the older documentation more accurate or throwing it away. But the current situation, where they pretend that there is no problem with misinforming people about OpenGL, is untenable.