Hi there everybody, long time, first time here with a simple query.
I recently started coding in OpenGL and have started a project which will eventually be a vertical shooter style game. My question is this:
How would I make a simple car move like a simple car in OpenGL?

I have the mesh drawn fine, I gave it a simple place holder texture, and I can move it left and right using SDL key commands. However, this does not produce a realistic effect. I get the feeling I would need to do something like find the normal of the car's position, and have that as the forward vector while using Left and Right to change the rotation of the tires, but I'm completely lost on how to do that.

Unfortunately I really don't have any code to show you, because I don't even know where to start with this.

I've tried looking up the problem elsewhere, but all I've managed to derive from my search is the fact that I need to draw the wheels separately, but how would I do that and keep them connected to the car mesh?
And more importantly, how do I make the car move realistically?

Thanks for any help any one can give me, it is greatly appreciated. If there's anything I can do to hasten the production of my simple physics, just let me know!
Thanks again