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Thread: OpenGL and Visual Studio 2010 Visual C++

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    OpenGL and Visual Studio 2010 Visual C++

    Hello -

    I am a student working on a project for CS350: Object-Oriented Software Engineering. We have an assignment to create a Sketch application using glut functions. I know OpenGL can be used with C++, my question is if it can be used with Visual C++ (can't I use the #include statments just like in C++)? I was hoping to create an interface through Visual C++ - offering drop-down menus and a ribbon-object containing icon buttons for functionality and then open a GL window beneath to do the actual sketching. I would code the interface and its functionality in VC++ sending necessary input to the glut funtions. Does this sound realistic?


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    You can create openGL contexts within winforms using visual studio :

    what you are trying to achieve sounds possible.

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