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Thread: GL_ARB_Debug_Output - what do you need ?

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    please implement KHR_debug
    For Windows and Linux please. I checked out KHR_debug on Windows with an NVIDIA GPU (due to Ubuntu lacking the GL 4.3 beta blob on Linux as of yet) a few days ago and the messages are quite informative regarding stuff like invalid enums and such. However, you get bombarded with the error each frame if you just use the callback. If there are any ways to keep the info around while being able to manage the flood of messages please tell.

    I want to add another item to the wish list: redundant state changes. gDEBugger tracks it, so could the driver and spit out the command, possibly some info on the arguments and the current state to get a clue of where the call was possibly made.

    Also, I noticed that KHR_debug on NVIDIA informs of a

    Quote Originally Posted by Le Spec
    GL_INVALID_OPERATION is generated if program could not be made part of current state.
    if you call glUseProgram() and some stages could not be compiled or linked - as the quote says. I noticed that when a geometry shader was accidentally attached but didn't have any source and thus could not be compiled.

    So, to summarize my personal wishlist:

    • info on pipeline stalls, maybe as a ratio or even more informative if possibly (performance)
    • info on redundant state changes (performance)
    • info on shader program correctness (debug)
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    Thanks everyone for suggestions, I will pass them to OpenGL dev team and we will see what we can do

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