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OT: So, you want participation without qualification? Don't we have enough Romneys already?
Well for the record what I was trying to say is even immature and impractical people are allowed to be mean on the internet. Inclusion and participation is usually a good thing; except when it's participation in generally intolerant and psychopathic behavior. I don't think Romney believes in participation since he participated in a debate the other night that excluded candidates that are on the ballot in most of the states he would like to represent in the executive office. Funny that's the same reason I can't in good conscience participate in voting for our presidents. So I guess that makes me unqualified to be a citizen. Still I participate. Who in their right mind thinks about such things much less drags them into online discussion forums I wonder...

The nice thing about online forums is no matter how ugly the baring of teeth no one has yet to die at the hands of a crazed gunman mid post. Most of the meanness you find online is probably just a reflection of the pure frustrated impotency you are faced with when you try to lash out violently at a computer monitor

Some symbols are kind of "associative" in that they stick to other symbols. I am yet unsure if my fontmap will be able to represent those symbols, for I haven't made much research on that.
Those would have to be composited. But by god if you are loading up Pango surely it is able to do all of the necessary drawing?!