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Thread: Configureing OpenGL for MS Visual C++ 2010 on Windows 7

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    Configureing OpenGL for MS Visual C++ 2010 on Windows 7

    I have a fairly new machine and a viewer app tells me that my card is set for 3.3. I have configured OpenGL for MS Visual C++ 2010 Express on Windows 7 (viz.,
    installing GLUT and GLEW). Now, 2.x code seems mostly to run fine. However, Visual C++ doesn't seem to recognize 3.3 commands such as glBindVertexArray() (Error: identifier ... is undefined). Incidentally, it also doesn't like glEnable(GL_MULTISAMPLE) though this is valid 2.1 code according to the docs.

    Appreciate advice as to how to get up to 3.3 which should be possible on my machine.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Make sure your GLEW is up to date. The latest .h files can be downloade from

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