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Thread: Debugging with glslDevil - Jump to next draw call (F7) never stops?

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    Debugging with glslDevil - Jump to next draw call (F7) never stops?

    I'm using glslDevil with my .exe to debug my GLSL shaders.

    The problem is that glslDevil never stops and keeps printing


    There is definitely a draw call executed once per frame

    Code :
    glDrawElements(GL_TRIANGLES, m_numQuadrangles * 6, GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT, BUFFER_OFFSET(0));

    The .exe runs and draws fine when executed outside Visual Studio 2010 (from within Windows 7).

    Why will it not reach a draw call?

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    There are quite a lot of extension to query (done by whatever wrapper you use). Not familiar with glslDevil (it excels at crashing instantly on my PC), but there probably is a call you can make in your code to trigger a breakboint in glslDevil - useful to get past the crapton of boilerplate ogl setup code.

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