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Thread: Interleaved VBO with mixed types fails on AMD FirePro M5950

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    Interleaved VBO with mixed types fails on AMD FirePro M5950

    Hi Folks,

    just spend two days on debugging my code on a customers' HP Elitebook 8560w with AMD FirePro M5950. This GL code worked for ages, on every hardware I came across. It's simple:

    Given an interleaved array of positions and texcoords [x0, y0, u0, v0, x1, y1, u1, v1, ...] the following code doesn't work on the Elitebook, if the positions are of type GL_INT and the texcoords are GL_FLOAT:

    glBindBuffer( GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, MyVBO );
    glVertexPointer( 2, GL_INT, 16, 0 );
    glTexCoordPointer( 2, GL_FLOAT, 16, 8 );

    No error is generated, but nothing is rendered. After casting the positions to floats and using GL_FLOAT in glVertexPointer it works as expected.

    Just wanted to let you know. Maybe some AMD guy should have a look at this.


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    I would suggest you posting it on AMD's website instead. I don't think anyone at AMD is paid to read this forum.

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