I'm trying to see how I could take Nicolas Thibieroz's per-pixel linked list implementation (for DirectX Aug 2009 or newer, OpenGL 1.5 compatible graphics card, DirectX 9+ compatible graphics card, WinXP/Vista/7, Visual C++ 2008+, contemporary graphics card drivers, 2G+ RAM) and adapt it to:

C code, OpenGL 1.2 implemented via X11 (Linux) and Mesa (Windows); thus it's software-implemented OpenGL, thus maybe slower, but more universal in spite of lower end hardware, may omit some adv. features.

Thibieroz's work: developer.amd.com/gpu_assets/OIT%20and%20Indirect%20Illumination%20using%20DX11 %20Linked%20Lists_forweb.ppsx

I'm not worried about C++ --> C translation and linked lists, but is it possible to adapt the rest of Thibieroz's implementation to OpenGL 1.2 implemented via X11 and Mesa with success?

If there's no answer, what questions should I be asking to reach the finish line on this?

It looks like a lot of constructs are not available to me? So how do I substitute?