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Thread: NVIDIA releases OpenGL 4.3 beta drivers

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    Questions and more bugs in OpenGL driver (II)

    Also two questions before second bug report.. multi_draw_indirect fully supported in current Nvidia HW (and Fermi) without CPU support in driver or is implemented some part in software I say that because this originated from AMD extension so seems AMD really supports in HW..
    2.seems fbo_no_atachments extensions is equivalent to Dx11.1 TIR target independant rasterization if so how it's possible implementable in Nvidia first gen d3d11 HW (fermi) if I read on some sites that TIR was just one thing current D3D 11 HW doesn't supported.. what are the differences then?
    Second sample is in 430-compute shader sample seems I get fixed by removing readonly and writeonly qualifiers from storage buffer and then fixing a bug by g-truc
    ie changing
    Code :
    Out.Ouput[gl_GlobalInvocationID].Texcoord = In.Input[gl_GlobalInvocationID].Texcoord;
    Code :
    Out.Ouput[gl_GlobalInvocationID.x].Texcoord = In.Input[gl_GlobalInvocationID.x].Texcoord;

    so seems
    this should work but doesn't work
    Code :
    layout(binding = BUFFER_INPUT) readonly buffer iBuffer
        vertex Input[];
    } In;
    layout(binding = BUFFER_OUTPUT) writeonly buffer oBuffer
        vertex Ouput[];
    } Out;

    i get:
    Compute info
    Code :
    0(22) : error C0000: syntax error, unexpected identifier, expecting "::" at token "iBuffer"
    0(27) : error C0000: syntax error, unexpected identifier, expecting "::" at token "oBuffer"
     and fixing it by ex:
    //layout(binding = BUFFER_INPUT) readonly buffer iBuffer
    layout(binding = BUFFER_INPUT)  buffer iBuffer //works!

    At least for now with this fix it works!
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