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Thread: Access mipmap level in fragment shader [OpenGL ES 2.0]

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    Access mipmap level in fragment shader [OpenGL ES 2.0]


    I know that I can adjust the mipmap level when sampling a texture in a fragment shader by using texture2D with the additional parameter bias.

    However, by using 'bias' you're implicitly adding a bias to the current level-of-detail. I want to be able to control the level-of-detail and thus I would like to override any level-of-detail computed within the hardware itself.

    What are my options here?

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    Default GLSL ES 2.0 doesn't have this ability. It does have LOD texturing functions, but those can only be used in vertex shaders.

    However, the EXT_shader_texture_lod allows you to use versions of these functions in fragment shaders. I have no idea how widely this is available.

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