Hi, everybody!

I have a terrain, generated using a data texture and a vertex shader. It is coloured according to the altitude by the fragment shader. I want to make a polar grid overlaid over the terrain, so that the lines of the grid follow the mountains, etc. I have tried to paint vertices with specific coordiantes in separate colours. It works very well for gl_Vertex.x = 0 (+/-1.5) - it gives me a nicely red coloured y-axis. But gl_Vertex.y = 0 does not give me a coloured horizontal axis, instead, it gives me a coloured curved line. I made a sketch, to visualize the problem (this is the terrain from a bird's eye).

I take the values for gl_Vertex right in the beginning of the main() in the Vertex shader, so the vertices have not been processed yet. And I am using the default Modelview and Projection matrices.

So does anybody have an idea where might the problem be. Could it be in the default Modelview or Projection matrix?

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