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Thread: Is it possible to precompute the projection-view matrix?

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    Is it possible to precompute the projection-view matrix?

    The standard way to calculate mvp matrix is:

    P*V*M * v1 = v2

    In rendering my entity list, I would like to do something like the following:
    (for those not involved in games, an "entity" is a "unit" in the game world, such as an enemy or ally, the mapping typically being one entity to one (animated) mesh)

    Code :
        create camera matrix
        create view matrix as inverse of camera matrix
        precalculate combined pv matrix
        for each entity
            m * pv //as opposed to m * p * v if no precalc of pv
            make draw call

    ...Since this would result in one less matrix mul() per-entity, per-update -- leading to a fair saving when there are hundreds of entities active. Just not sure this is possible (mathematically) since then the matrix multiplication order p * v * m is duffed. Is there a way to do this, mathematically?
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