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Thread: no idea how to create round 2d objects using vertices

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    no idea how to create round 2d objects using vertices

    Like the title is telling...
    I have no idea how to create that, can someone please help me or send a link where I can find this informations please, thank´s

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    Circles? Ellipses? You need two things, a mathematical description of your problem, i.e. how can a circle be defined mathematically, and some algorithm to generate vertices. For a filled circle, in contrast to a circle only rendered as a a number if line segments, you'll need a center vertex and some vertices at distance r (where r is the radius of the circle). Then you simply define a series of triangles which describe the form of the circle. The more triangles you generate, the better the approximation of the circle.

    Check out and there especially the parametric form of a circle. Since you're in 2D you'll have it especially easy.

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    There may be an easy solution in 2d, which is using a quad where you use a texture that is a picture of a circle, and transparent elsewhere.

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