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Thread: glut model loader

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    glut model loader

    Guys is there any useful model loader out there for glut (dont care if 3dm or obj) I looked for 2 days strairght and could not find a single one...

    i found some tutorial to write ur own .obj but they all where triangles only.... i cant even display the blender monkey with it
    i found some lib3ds but no instructions or tutorails (or anything) that shows me how to use it with glut (not gonna use QT)

    I mean people and companys are developeing games... how do they do it without model loader?
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    You didn't find one because you were looking for a "GLUT model loader". GLUT has nothing to do with models. Indeed, GLUT has nothing to do with rendering (outside of creating and maintaining the rendering surface). It's like looking for an "OpenAL model loader" or a "SQLite model loader". They simply have nothing to do with models.

    What you're looking for is just a "model loader". [url=]Open Asset Importer[/url is a useful one, and it comes with examples that show how to render the loaded meshes in OpenGL. It can load pretty much anything.

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    Thank you for the hint. Guess i missunderstood something. Thanks for putting it right.

    Im not sure if assimp is the right one for me. I wanna write a game with a free licence but i think bsd is fine.

    Edit: after some research i am more interrested in lib3ds. Maybe u can give me a hint how to start in it (good documentation, tutorials not using gay QT libs)

    shall i repost under an other topic?
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