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Thread: really simple rgb shader

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    really simple rgb shader

    I hope this is an easy question...

    I'm just trying to create a shader that reads an RGB image frame (width x height) formatted as (R1,G1,B1,R2,G2,B2,...,Rn,Gn,Bn) into a texture.

    The code below actually works, but I'm curious as to why I need the 'test_offset' variable set to 0.5. I arrived at that value from trial and error, and if I don't use it (i.e. set it to zero), the color ends up being wrong.

    Could someone explain what I'm doing wrong? And/or why 0.5 works?

    Code :
    void main() {
      // calculate what image pixel we're on within texture [width*3 x height]
      vec2 pixel_pos = vec2(floor(mImageWidth * 3.0 * gl_TexCoord[0].x),
                            floor(mImageHeight * gl_TexCoord[0].y));
      // only process pixels within width
      if (pixel_pos.x > mImageWidth)
        gl_FragColor = vec4(0, 0, 0, 0.0);
        float test_offset = 0.5; // only works if test_offset == 0.5; why??
        float r_indx = (pixel_pos.x*3.0)+0.0+test_offset;
        float g_indx = (pixel_pos.x*3.0)+1.0+test_offset;
        float b_indx = (pixel_pos.x*3.0)+2.0+test_offset;
        float r_tex = texture2D(mTextureSampler, vec2(r_indx/(mImageWidth*3.0), gl_TexCoord[0].y)).x;
        float g_tex = texture2D(mTextureSampler, vec2(g_indx/(mImageWidth*3.0), gl_TexCoord[0].y)).x;
        float b_tex = texture2D(mTextureSampler, vec2(b_indx/(mImageWidth*3.0), gl_TexCoord[0].y)).x;
        vec3 rgb = vec3(r_tex, g_tex, b_tex);
        gl_FragColor = vec4(rgb, 1.0);

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    Do you use GL_NEAREST for your texture sampling ?
    Otherwise sampled values will be linearly interpolated between texels.

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    I tried that, and for an image that should be all red, I get black streaks (shown below):

    It seems like it's interpolating in between the R, G, and B values by treating them each as texels, whereas it should be interpolating by comparing R1 to R2, G1 to G2, B1 to B2, etc. Maybe?

    Click image for larger version. 

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