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Thread: New nVidia updates don't have OpenGL included.

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    New nVidia updates don't have OpenGL included.

    This makes me sadface.

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    I find that hard to believe, what exactly do you mean and do you have any sources?
    As NVIDIA doesn't have to provide any headers (you use GLEW or similar) and functionality to fetch the function pointers is provided by the OS (GLX, CGL etc.), dropping OpenGL support would mean to drop support for all OpenGL applications and I can hardly imagene that. So what do you mean.

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    This looks a lot like spam to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeroclaw View Post
    This makes me sadface.
    Counter to your comment, it sure looks like they are from here:

    NVidia released an OpenGL driver 2 days ago, and 3 versions just this month for OpenGL on Linux.

    Aeroclaw, your posts so far don't contain enough details to be useful, and you're being presumptuous in your conclusions. Please provide more information for this post and future posts so that folks can actually help you out (or learn something, if you are offering advice). Thanks.

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