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Thread: How save wide image ?

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    How save wide image ?

    Hello everybody

    For my job I'm loading meshes with several high definition textures in OpenGL.
    Purpose being to save the result in a file. the picture must have the highest possible definition. Minimum 4096 x 4096, but ideally 16384 x 8192.

    My questions :
    Is it possible ?
    If yes, which OpenGL function can do that ?

    Thanks for your help

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    Render to an FBO to have a larger-than-screen resolution. Max will depend on your hardware, 4kx4K should be doable on a proper video card.

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    If you don't run into driver issues, even 16k x 16k is possible on any recent card. Besides that, do what ZbuffeR suggested.
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    If you want to render to a resolution larger than the hardware you are choosing to target supports, you could use tiled rendering, where you render the scene multiple tiles adjusting the projection matrix to capture a different part of the scene. I haven't done it myself, but here's a link that seems to explain it: , and another that appears to do the calculations for you:

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    Many thanks for the replies

    I will study all this tracks.

    to Dan Bartlett : tiled rendering is what I was doing in VB6, but the limitation of 600Mo for the use of memory, make me going to learn C++ with Qt. Now I try to go further

    I will say you more soon.

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