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Thread: Can't load .png image using opengl texture

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    I translate the headers from C into Delphi; a long and tedious task. Delphi, like other langauages, is able to pass parameters to functions calls in a variety of ways to make them compatible with other languages.

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    Png is a compressed format, is like try to zip a text file and then try to open it with notepad.
    If you want to use any format around (jpeg, png, gif, etc...) you need an algorithm to decompress it or otherwise the only compressed format that you can use with hardware acceleration is DDS.
    You can find a lot of library to load picture with relative documentation on the web. Google is the way.
    By the way, why are you trying to load the texture EVERY FRAME?
    And to finish, openGL is not a C library or and header, openGL is an interface. Interface that you can implement in any language, there is an openGL implementation for every language that I know.
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