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Thread: Looking for advice on a model format

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    Did anyone encounter a performance benefit using a separate VBO for only positions (ex. for depth pass, shadow mapping pass)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Bartlett View Post
    I think you've got that the wrong way round - from :
    Well darn it, now I'm confused. In that context it's giving examples of what NOT to do, so I don't know which one they're recommending ._.

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    I had a similar question at, maybe it can help you.

    Please report any interesting conclusions you come to.

    Quote Originally Posted by WIld Sage View Post
    I'm trying to write a nice binary mesh/model format, which I'll be able to read from a file quickly and easily. I have Assimp working, so I can import from other formats in order to save in my own, but I need some advice on how to organize everything...

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    I think I'll go through that Collada tutorial that was linked, it seems like a great way to make myself more familiar with how animations are represented. I do like the Collada format a lot, and it does support some things that Assimp wont import, such as physics data. I haven't quite decided between Bullet and PhysX yet, but they both support Collada physics, so that's a huge plus right there. XML reading is kinda scary though... Oh well, let's give it a try.

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